In-House Professional Luthiers providing full service Repairs, Restoration, Appraisals, Estimates, and more.


Fine Instrument and Bow Sales Selection ranging from Student to Professional.


All rental outfits come with instrument, adjusted and ready to play, case, bow, rosin, and a cleaning cloth.


Accessories include but not limited to: Cases, Cleaners, Humidifiers, Instrument Stands, Music: CD's-Books-Stands-Lights, Mutes, Tuners (Metronomes), Rests, Rosin, Strings.


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Rental Program

Christian Eggert Violins has earned a reputation amongst educators for outfitting their students with quality, affordable instruments that enhance their playing skills and encourage advancement. No need to worry about your students ability “outgrowing” the quality of their instrument. With our industry leading trade policy, it is easy to move up to the next level.

  • Rental outfits include instrument, case, bow, rosin, cleaning cloth
  • Rental outfits are professionally setup by our shop and are ready to play.
  • To ensure quick and correct repairs, instrument maintenance is performed by our skilled repair persons in our own shop. This includes, but is not limited to, broken strings, warped bridge, open seams, and tonal adjustments.
  • Your initial rental payment retains 100% credit towards future purchase of this or any instrument owned by Christian Eggert Violins.
  • Purchased instruments retain guaranteed 80% trade value on student outfits and 100% trade value on step-up instruments and above. 

We have numerous rental programs for Violins, Violas and Cellos.  Rental options are a monthly rental, short term rental, school year rental, and a full year rental.  Ask our staff about your rental, we look forward to serving you!