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Where's Your Violin-BIR?

Where’s Your Violin-BIR?

J.S.Finkel  another fine bow.

J.S.Finkel another fine bow.


Is your instrument up to snuff for your spring auditions or summer camp? If you haven’t had your instrument into a shop for a while it may not be.  Many changes occur in an instrument when it is exposed to the seasonal changes we experience in both fall and spring in the upper mid west. So now is a good time to bring your instrument in and make sure it’s still in tip-top shape.  Things we look for after a seasonal change is open seams, neck angle, bridge height and straightness, and sound post placement. Many of these things can be repaired or adjusted to greatly improve the sound and performance of your instrument!  Problems with pegs are also common during this time of year. If pegs are sticky, use firm pressure and try to tune the string down before tuning up. If the peg still doesn’t move, don’t force it, pegs are made of wood and can break!  If your pegs are slipping and don’t seem to be holding you may need to have them refit by one of our luthiers. A common misconception is that peg dope or peg compound will make slipping pegs stick. But peg dope is intended to make sticky pegs turn easier and should be used sparingly!

Other maintenance you can do to give yourself the cutting edge includes installing new strings and rehairing your bow. Over time strings will stretch and lose their power and Tone even if they aren’t being played. New strings will return vibrancy to your instrument and be easier to play on.  Rehairing your bow is another easy way to make your equipment perform as well as the day you bought it. Over time horsehair will get old and brittle, and when it’s played on it will lose grip. Having your bow rehaired will return grip and control to your playing as well as a better tone. This should be done no less than once a year and more often if you practice regularly.  Make sure your instrument is running at the top of it’s game. Have it checked over by one of our luthiers today.