In-House Professional Luthiers providing full service Repairs, Restoration, Appraisals, Estimates, and more.


Fine Instrument and Bow Sales Selection ranging from Student to Professional.


All rental outfits come with instrument, adjusted and ready to play, case, bow, rosin, and a cleaning cloth.


Accessories include but not limited to: Cases, Cleaners, Humidifiers, Instrument Stands, Music: CD's-Books-Stands-Lights, Mutes, Tuners (Metronomes), Rests, Rosin, Strings.



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     At Christian Eggert Violins, we like to think that we are your first choice for instrument repairs and purchases.  Our experienced repair and service staff are always ready to serve you and offer you the convenience of a full line string shop in your back yard.     

     But when shops from larger metropolitan areas come to town, we know it can be temptingMusic Gifts to consider other options.  So here are a few things to keep in mind when faced with these decisions.  

     First, we at Christian Eggert Violins know our customers want the best price for the instruments they buy, that’s why we guarantee lower prices on like model instruments than any other shop in Minnesota.  

     Keep in mind that many shops carry identical, if not similar, modern instruments, so before you buy, call us or stop by to compare prices and playability.  Our expert staff professionally sets up every instrument, regardless of value, to specific standards of playability and tone projection.    Every instrument purchased from Christian Eggert Violins holds a three-month guarantee on any setup issues.  Purchasing an instrument from an out of town retailer may present difficulties if the player experience problems with their new instrument.  

     Also note that we do free check-ups on instruments regardless of whether or not they were purchased from our store.  So now students who have already purchased instruments need not wait to get their instruments looked over when their old retailer comes to town, they can come in any time.       

     Like any professional string shop, all step up and above instruments purchased from Christian Eggert Violins hold 100% trade-in value.  From student to professional, our instruments will always be worth at least what you paid for the, our 100% trade policy guarantees it.  Our beginner outfits retain an 80% trade in value.