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Fine Instrument and Bow Sales Selection ranging from Student to Professional.


All rental outfits come with instrument, adjusted and ready to play, case, bow, rosin, and a cleaning cloth.


Accessories include but not limited to: Cases, Cleaners, Humidifiers, Instrument Stands, Music: CD's-Books-Stands-Lights, Mutes, Tuners (Metronomes), Rests, Rosin, Strings.


J.S.Finkel  another fine bow.

J.S.Finkel  Where's Your Violin?another fine bow.


Animals and music?  Bird songs, bee buzzes, whale calls and wolf howls, dog moan and cat tones, all have a purpose of their own….?  If animals communicate thru sound, wouldn’t they relate to music too?
A science article suggests that not only are natural sounds such as whale and bird songs music, but that their songs may be part of a “universal music” that provides an intuitive musical concept to many animals—including humans (2001, national What about our Pets, do they prefer the beat of their own buzz or what we are listening to…..Linda Chlan, an assistant professor at the U of MN School of Nursing in Minneapolis states,  “Depending on the beat, rhythm, and tone of a piece of music, music affects the body both physiologically and psychologically through the vibrations of the music as the music is processed in the brain,” she says. “I would anticipate that the vibrations of music would also affect pets, as they have body rhythms that would be affected by vibrations.”  Chlan’s two elderly cats seemed to bear out this theory. They preferred Mozart’s soft, light piano music but would hide when she played loud rock songs(2005, about your pet?  Share with us on Facebook or give us a call at 218-726-1970, we would love to hear from you!

Kim Campbell Thornton, 4/18/2005. 
 Jen Mapes,January 5, 2001. Do Animals Have an Innate Sense of Music, National