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Accessory Description   Price
Cleaning Cloth Cleaning cloth (untreated flannel) (Pink, Blue) $6.00
Coumpound Polish CEV Cleaner $10.00
Violin Wittner Ultra Violin rest side 1/8-1/16, 3/4, 4/4 $27.42
Violin Wittner Ultra Violin rest center1/8-1/16, 3/4,1/2-1/4, 3/4, 4/4 $27.42
Violin Wittner Augsburg Violin rest center adjust. 1/2-1/4, 3/4, 4/4 $36.00
Viola Wittner Ultra Viola rest side $27.42
Viola Wittner Ultra Viola rest center $27.42
Viola Wittner Ultra Viola rest center, adjustable $34.22
Cello Sure-Stop Cello Endpin Stop Holder $10.00
Cello Xeros Cello endpin stop $19.20
Cello Viva Cello endpin rest (Black, blue, green, purple, red, yellow) $8.00
Cello/Bass Ideal Stop cello endpin stop $8.00
Cello The Black Hole Dycem non-slip cello mat $23.28
Cello Cello Slipstop (black blue, green, orange, pink, red, platinum) $8.10
Bass Xeros Bass endpin stop $19.20
GRIP Bow Master Large (Medium, Small) $11.00
Violin/Viola Humitron Violin/Viola $7.70
Violin Dampits Violin $16.20
Violin Dampits Violin small $14.34
Viola Dampits Viola $16.62
Violin/Viola Stretto humidifier, colored ( black, blue, gray, green, red). Digital $28.50
Violin/Viola Stretto humidifier/hygrometer combo $78.00
Cello Humitron Cello $9.24
Cello Dampits Cello $17.54
Bass Humitron Double Bass $9.24
Bass Dampits double bass $18.66
Mandolin Dampits Mandolin $18.04
Metronome Wittner Taktell Super Mini Plastic (Black, Ivory, Ruby Red) $65.14
Metronome Wittner Taktell Super Mini wood (black, mahogany, oak) $159.12
Metronome Wittner Maelzel Wood (Matte/Glossy) (Chery, Walnut, Black, Mahogany, White) w/wo bell $Inquire
MUSIC Method Books, Music Books, Specialty Books, Sheet Music, Music and more. In Stock Variety & Custom Orders. $Inquire
MUSIC STAND LIGHTS Mighty Bright “Duet” flex light – two lamps. $24.99
STAND LIGHTS Mighty Bright “XtraFlex” light – one lamp. Black. $14.99
MUSIC STANDS Manhasset Music Stand Black Aluminum Adjustable 28″-48″. $Inquire
Collapsible.   Includes carrying bag.   Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, White $21.95
Violin/Viola Bech Magnetic mute Violin/Viola $10.50
Violin Metal barrel style brass practice mute Violin $11.00
Violin Metal practice mute Violin Chrome $13.00
Violin Metal practice mute Violin brass $15.00
Violin Ultra practice mute Violin 1/4-1/8, 3/4-1/2, 4/4 $6.00
Violin Tourte-style mute Violin single/shaped $2.10
Violin Tourte-style mute Violin round two/hole $2.10
Violin Slide-on Wire mute Violin $10.00
Viola Ultra practice mute Viola $7.50
Cello Ultra practice Mute Cello $9.00
PICKUPS Big Shot $48.00
Pickups Big Twin $88.00
Pickups Hot Spot $44.00
Pickups Twin Spot $80.00
Viola Bonmusica Viola rest $58.00
Viola Everest EZ Adjustable Shoulder Rest 4/4 $17.90
Viola Kun Viola Collapsable $45.26
Viola Muco $16.00
 Violin Bonmusica Violin rest 4/4 205mm $56.00
Violin Everest EZ Foldable Shoulder Rest 4/4-3/4 *down to 1/2 $20.49
Violin Everest EZ Adjustable Shoulder Rest 4/4 $17.90
Violin Kun Violin rest Original (Brown, Blue, Red, Green) ,4/4 $36.00
Violin Kun Violin rest Original (Brown, Blue, Red, Green) 1/2, 3/4 $36.00
Violin Kun Violin rest Original and colapsible (Brown, Blue, Red, Green) 4/4 $37.50
Violin Kun Violin rest Original and colapsible (Brown, Blue, Red, Green) 3/4, 1/2 $37.50
Violin Muco Easy Violin Rest 4/4 $13.00
Tuner Play-On Chromatic Tuner $40.00
Violin Snark Violin Tuner SN-5 $19.00
Ukulele Snark Ukulele Tuner $19.00
Violin 3-in-1 Electronic Violin-Chromatic Tuner & Thermo-Hygrometer $38.00
Tuner Intelli 100 clip-pm contact pick-up for tuner w/mic $9.90
Tuner Intelli 204 4-in-1 digital metronome and dual tuner $31.18
Tuner Intelli 301 5-in-1 digital dual metronome/chromatic electronic tuner w/hygrometer $66.90
Tuner Korg CA-1 Solo Chromatic Tuner $39.98
Tuner Pyramid metal pitch pipe (available for Violin, Viola, Cello) $11.30
Tuner Wittner Tuning fork a1 440 hz, (105mm) $6.30
Tuner Wittner Tunign fork a1 440 hz, (120mm) $7.56
Tuner Wittner tuning fork sleeve for TF14 $1.64
Violin Super Sensitive Wolf Be Gone – violin $14.94
Cello Cello wolf eliminator. $11.25
Cello Gold-plated wolf eliminator – cello. $13.75
Cello Super Sensitive Wolf Be Gone – cello $20.07
Cello Wolf Resinator (e-f sharp range, d-e range, eflat-f range) $118.93