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About Us

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About Us

Established in Duluth, MN overlooking Lake Superior and the Aerial Lift Bridge in 1994 and Fargo, ND across from the Historic Northern Pacific Railway Depot in 2003;  Christian Eggert Violins Ltd. is a full service violin shop proud to serve string players in the upper Midwest. Our mission is to provide sales, repair, restoration, rental and appraisal services in a professional, yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Our reputation for finding the right instrument, bow or case for our customer has spread worldwide by word of mouth. We have loyal customers from, Canada to Puerto Rico and Bozeman, MT to Boston, MA. Customers who visit us from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul or Chicago areas find our lower pricing for quality instruments and excellent repair make it well worth the trip. We look forward to helping you find the perfect instrument, or restoring your beloved instrument, for a lifetime of making beautiful music! Christian Eggert Violins is the proud recipient of the North Dakota String Teachers Association “Distinguished Service Award“. This award is for “Enhancing and supporting string programs throughout North Dakota”. Christian Eggert Violins is the only “retailer” that has received this award, as it had only been awarded to organizations or non-profits. We are honored!


We actively support local and national music events, education, sports (many of our customers are also athletes), community happenings and more.